Vera Adamovich, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner®

A certified financial planner (CFP®) for over 16 years, Vera has helped her many clients build personal financial comfort. Vera works side-by-side with her clients to ensure that each decision is made to move them toward their real-life goals.

Vera's Approach to Building your Personal Financial Comfort:

Truly Holistic: Vera's primary focus is to ensure that the money you invest is working for you. Vera also believes that helping you achieve your personal financial goals requires careful consideration of all of the decisions that impact you financially - from insurance and mortgage choices, to budgeting habits and saving for a rainy day. Vera will help you explore all facets of your financial potential, and ensure no detail is left uncovered.

Creativity and Innovation: Vera is committed to ensuring her clients see the total picture when making their financial decisions. That is precisely why Vera combines a clear, no-nonsense communication style with an expert knowledge of technology to create easy-to-read documents and calculations that make it easier for clients to understand their financial situation and make the right decision, at the right time.

Communicating in your Language: Vera believes that empowerment can only be realized through a clear understanding of your choices. Vera's clients appreciate her ability to explain concepts in everyday language, and her enduring efforts to ensure they are confident in their financial knowledge.

Trust is Primary: Don’t trust just anyone with your personal financial comfort. Choose a certified financial planner who earns her clients’ trust by doing what she says she'll do, when she says she'll do it, with care and compassion.


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