Client Testimonials

"Vera is the 4th advisor we've worked with, and the first one who looks at our whole financial health - not just our investments - but also our mortgage, life insurance, budgeting. It's important because we were paying for duplicate coverage in some cases, or didn't have coverage that we thought we had."
- B.R. & S.C.

“Vera starts every meeting by asking me “what’s happening in your life”, like a friend who wants to understand you, but her motivation is that she’s listening and using the knowledge to build a plan that considers every detail of your life.”
- Wendy Armstrong

"My family and I trust Hope with our financial planning needs. As a Chartered Accountant, I recommend Hope to my clients for their insurance and investment needs. He is creative, professional, extremely knowledgeable and is committed to providing top-notch service to his clients. I always tell my clients that anyone will happily take on your investment portfolio, but the good advisers are the ones who will follow up with you throughout the year to reevaluate your position and needs - Hope will do that."
- Firas Nasser 

"Hope has always taken the time to explain all options available to us in terms of investing and informs us of what he thinks would be in our best interest. He is always easy to converse with and answers any and all questions we may have in layman’s terms since the correct terminology is totally foreign to us. We feel totally confident in his work and could not be happier."
- Cathy Skinner

"Hope has been instrumental in getting our investment portfolio back on track; his knowledge, experience and ability to strike a proper balance between managing independently versus the need for consulting us have contributed to our confidence that our portfolio is in good hands. We have put our trust in him and he has delivered."
- Bill LeDuc 

"My husband and I have known Hope for the past five years and he has impressed us greatly not only with his expertise but with his open, honest personality. It is very refreshing to meet a professional individual who displays integrity and inspires trust. He has always given us good advice and listened to our questions and acted accordingly. We have never had any qualms about the way Hope has looked after our interests in this ever-changing world of finance. His future will be bright wherever he finds himself in his field and he will prove a great asset to his clients with his loyalty and moral character."
Parviz & Gillian Mottahed

".......a big thank you for giving me "hope" , truly , in regards to my portfolio and my future !!! Since the crash in 2008 my portfolio suffered hugely and hadn't really started to come back until I met hope and he took over ......great listening skills, attentiveness, and advice ....... authentically in the business to help you do what you are loving to do !!!! Thanks again Hope!!"
Ginger Andrews